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There are many good reasons for choosing I-Direct-Satellite-TV as your preferred provider. One of the compelling reasons is that we give you the power of choosing exactly what you want. We put you in control of choosing your TV menu as well as the type of internet connection you need with three comprehensive plans. Another advantage of choosing our services is that we give you more choice than the local cable companies in your area. When you choose our satellite TV package, you can enjoy movies, news, sports and reality TV channels among many others. We also welcome you to subscribe to our services because our affordable packages will meet all your entertainment needs. You will agree with us that it is rare to find a company that offers you packages that make you real savings. When you choose our bundle packages that combine both satellite TV and internet services, you end up making great savings because you pay one discounted price for the combined services. The huge savings are in addition to receiving a superb internet and TV service. Once you subscribe to our services, you will be pleased to learn that we offer a free installation for both the TV and internet services. Regardless of where you are located, we send our highly skilled installation team to undertake a fast installation. As soon as the installation is done, you should be in a position to enjoy some world-class TV channels as well as experiencing a fast and reliable internet connection.

Silver Plan



Save $ 10/mo For 12 Months

5GB + Bonus Data

$ 32.99/mo

Gold Plan



Save $ 25/mo For 12 Months

25GB + Bonus Data

$ 54.99/mo

Platinum Plan



Save $ 30/mo For 12 Months

5GB + Any Time 35GB

$ 69.99/mo


  • With the satellite TV services you get from i-direct-satellite-tv, all your local TV programs will always be free.

  • This is because all the local programs will be included for free with each and every satellite TV bundle you go for.

  • You therefore don’t have to worry about foregoing your favorite local programs when you take up on our satellite TV service.

  • In any case, it is our desire to enrich your viewership hence it would be imprudent of us to exclude your local programming.


Free Trial

  • 25+Channels
  • Save $ 10/mo
  • Low Price $ 32.99/mo
  • 5GB + Bonus Data
  • Limited

Silver Plan

  • 50+Channels
  • Save $ 30/mo
  • Low Price $ 45.99/mo
  • 5GB + Bonus Data
  • Limited

Gold Plan

  • 75+Channels
  • Save $ 50/mo
  • Low Price $ 55.99/mo
  • 25GB + Bonus Data
  • Limited

Platinum Plan

  • 100+Channels
  • Save $ 75/mo
  • Low Price $ 75.99/mo
  • 50GB + Bonus Data
  • Unlimited

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